Label on Cable (LOC)

Technology and Specifications

Label on Cable (LOC)

An asset management software platform for efficient, cost effective and reliable tracking of all cabling infrastructure within an organization.

Features and Benefits

  • Track and audit physical cabling infrastructure in a ’user-friendly’ and time efficient manner
  • Intuitive mobile application for ease of use in the field
  • Multiple labeling options for various scenarios
  • Accurately assess costs of asset deployment and maintenance
  • Access-restricted user roles for per-cable assignments
  • ‘Real time’ tracking of all changes to physical-layer connections
  • Generate alerts to any unplanned or unauthorized changes
  • Manage network maintenance and upgrades more easily


Product Classification
Regional AvailabilityAsia | Australasia | EMEA | North America
Product TypeSquare ICT Access Point
General Specifications
Sealing Type 6mm | 0.2in NBR O Ring
BeddingStone free bedding (underlayer) of minimum 50mm | 1.9in is required
PortsTwo 50mm | 1.9in holes per side, and two 10mm | 0.4in holes per side
Weight & Dimensions
Lid280mm x 380mm | 11.0in x 14.9in (after installation)
Lid1.64kg | 3.6lbs
Chamber1.46kg | 3.2lbs
Total3.1kg | 6.8lbs
Approvals & Certifications
UV ResistanceUV stabilized
Packaging & Weights
Packaging quantity 1
Packaging quantity1
Packaging TypeBox    |   Carton

More Information

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