Technology and Specifications

fibreFLEX™ Modular Chambers

Modular Chambers offer unmatched flexibility for underground fibre and other utilities networks.

Features and Benefits

  • fibreFLEX™ Modular Chambers are available with RAMAC™ Smart Monitoring and Security Technology solutions.
  • Interoperability with m4a’s selection of CNKT™ Fibre Splice Closure Range of Products.
  • A composite design allows for high strength / low weight – installation cost savings.
  • Size flexibility suited to all fibre and utility traffic installations.
  • Easy assembly with basic hand tools only.
  • Multi-port knock outs offer varying duct diameter interface options with m4a (Pty) Ltd’s fibreDUCT™
  • Manual on-site sawing of ports possible to accommodate existing utilities.
  • The use of high strength composites for covers improves load bearing capabilities and eliminates theft and corrosion.
  • Flat Pack format allows for increased shipment volumes – transport cost savings.
  • fibreFLEX™ Modular Chambers are available with carbon friendly materials – Taking Carbon Back.


Product Classification
Regional AvailabilityAsia | Australasia | EMEA | North America
Product TypeSquare ICT Access Point
General Specifications
Sealing Type 6mm | 0.2in NBR O Ring
BeddingStone free bedding (underlayer) of minimum 50mm | 1.9in is required
PortsTwo 50mm | 1.9in holes per side, and two 10mm | 0.4in holes per side
Weight & Dimensions
Lid280mm x 380mm | 11.0in x 14.9in (after installation)
Lid1.64kg | 3.6lbs
Chamber1.46kg | 3.2lbs
Total3.1kg | 6.8lbs
Approvals & Certifications
UV ResistanceUV stabilized
Packaging & Weights
Packaging quantity 1
Packaging quantity1
Packaging TypeBox    |   Carton


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