KelTech Network Innovations

Designing next generation communication and energy network infrastructure

A subsidiary of KelTech IoT, KNI design, develop and manufacture communications and energy network infrastructure equipment. Our products are designed with the end-user and the environment in mind.


With over 20 years of experience in telecommunications, our empathic design ethos has led to the creation of several new products for a variety of network connectivity requirements. We strive to ‘make things better’ by challenging the status quo and constantly seeking innovative solutions.


We apply human behaviour and capability to the design and operation of our products. We pride ourselves on designing for the customer and end-user, ensuring their needs are tailored to in a unique and holistic way. Ease of use for ‘in-the-field’ deployments is foremost in our mind as we strive to enhance the interactions between people and machines. We have been the end-user, we understand what is required to enhance that experience, we build ‘user-friendly’ products.


We design high quality, compact and sustainable products for next generation communication and energy network infrastructure. Our ‘sustainable product’ focus has resulted in optimised form factor, minimum material usage, as well as reusable and longer lasting product designs.